Photographer Job Overview

What Photographers Do

Photographers are usually creative people with a good level of technical expertise to use cameras to take images of objects or events. Many photographers stand or walk and can carry heavy equipment.
Photographers usually:

* Promote their services to genterate business
* Plan the setting for the photographs
* Set up lighting equipment
* Use tested formulas for commercial level photos
* Use lighting to optimize the best photograph
* Use top quality photography software
* Keep a portfolio of their work for future clients

Film cameras used to be the standard, but today the majority of photographers use digital cameras to get electronic images. Electronic images and be edited on a computer. Images are stored on memory cards or computer hard drives and even flash drives. Once the image is on a storage device, photography software can then be used to manipulate and improve the image. With high quality printers, great
photographic images can then be created. According to and Digital Camera Review these are some of the top digital cameras : best slow motion camera.

Retail Price
Nikon D7200 $996.95
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV $3,499.00
Fuji X-T2 $124.07
Nikon D500 $1,796.95
Sony Alpha A7r II $2,949.99
Nikon D3300

Olympus OM-D E-Mio II Panasonic Lumix ZS50 /TZ70 Canon EOS Rebel T6i / 750D Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

As you can see, they vary a great deal in price, which means almost anybody can afford to get started in freelance photography. Freelance photographers usually offer wedding, portait, framing and photo album services.

Self employed photographers also do with best lenses for canon 80D.

* Must promote their business
* Handle appointments
* Purchase supplies
* Set up equipment
* Keep Records
* Handle billing
* Pay business expenses
* Maybe hire and train employees

As a freelance photographer you can also teach photography classes and conduct photography workshops, in various learning institutions.
Here are some of the most popular types of photography:

Portait Photography
Commercial and Industry Photography Aerial Photography Scientific Photography Photo Journalistic Photography Artistic Photography
College Academic University Photography

Photographer Job Overview
Work Environment
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Photographers held about 124,900 jobs in the United States. Appoximately %6o were self-employed or freelance photographers.

The work environment for photographers depends on what field of photography they are in. Portrait photographers usually work inside of studios, and many times must travel to a school, corporate office or private residence. A photojournalist may have to travel all over the world, and often to dangerous places.

Aerial photographers usually have to fly in planes or helicopters. Scientific photographers can also be tasked to travel internationally for their craft. While University and Artistic photography is usually done with less travel and in the comforts of indoors.

Work Schedules

Thirty percent of photographers work part time with flexible work schedules. The season of the year often determines the demand for certain types of photography. Weddings usually occur in the spring and summer and amazing winter and fall photos have to be taken in those

Business, marketing, and accounting classes can be helpful for self-employed photographers.
To be a successful freelance photographer you should possess these skills…
* Artistic ability. A feel for lighting, color combinations and environment.
* Business skills. The ability to make a business plan, manage money and clients, and purchase the proper equipment and be able to
focus and prioritize.
* Computer skills. With digital photography, it is now a must to be able to use photo editing software and have computer skills to post resumes and market your business with websites and even YouTube videos.

* Customer service skills. Whether it is dealing with difficult and demanding clients or unruly childred or crying infants, the ability to show patience, compassion and a high level of professionalism is extremely important if you are going to be a successful freelancer who gets repeat work.

The wage for the top %io of photographers was approximately $35.00 per hour. The median wage was approximately $15.25 per hour.

Freelance photographers can bid for projects that are on online job sites and set their own salary. They can also set up their own website and set the prices for each job according to industry standards.

Good word of mouth can keep a photographer in high demand and allow for a higher salary for fees.

Jobs and employment for freelance photographers is expected to grow about %io over the next 10 years. Family’s get older and require new portrait photos, corporations need good photographers for their advertising campaigns, and as the population of the United States continues to increase, so will the demand for wedding photography. Creating and selling stock photography is another industry that internet marketing can help you to tap into.

The following chapters will assist you, in power to take massive action for your individual success.